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Trellis System Kit
Harrod System Trellis Kit Node

Trellis System Kit - Harrod Horticultural

Harrod Horticultural came to Kobius to design a trellis that retains the aesthetic and integrity of their typically welded garden structures whilst offering the gardener more flexibility by being able to assemble their trellis however they choose.

Together we created an easy to assemble node system that secures crossing trellis bars wherever the user requires and can be attached to a wall with no visible fixings. The trellis has a clean, yet traditional appearance with all the engineering cunningly hidden away.

We evolved the idea, generating initial sketches and taking the trellis through to manufacture.

The nodes offer a novel solution to assembling these structures and are currently patent-pending.

In its first season, the Trellis System outstripped Harrod's sales expectations.


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Branding Badge
Harrod Branding Badge

Branding Badge - Harrod Horticultural

Having worked with Harrod Horticultural on a number of projects, they returned with a request to design branding that could be applied to their high quality bespoke garden products.

Our solution was a metal Harrod badge that could be used in variety of marketing situations such as suspended from plant supports or handed out at events.

The badges have a distinctive patina that fits well with Harrod's robust plant structures and their pre-rusted product ranges. They are attractive in themselves encouraging customers to keep them on display.

We also sourced suppliers and ensured the badges could be manufactured within budget.

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At Kobius, we work with you to create inspirational products.

Whilst we are a relatively recent enterprise, our designers have been developing commercially successful products for over 20 years in industries including:

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Our experts have worked with major manufacturers and have contributed to the things that many of us use each day.

Partnering with your team, we will support you through the product development process. We can generate concepts through to designing for manufacture and testing the final production parts, or assist at specific stages such as performing initial research, brainstorming or sourcing suppliers.

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Together we'll use our skills to get your project off the ground:

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